Positive Education

Positive Education brings together the science of positive psychology with best-practice teaching. At Loreto Toorak, we have undertaken a whole school approach to Positive Education which incorporates the education of students, staff, parents and the broader community about the skills of wellbeing. This approach is grounded in our Loreto values and guided by our vision to create a learning community which is strengths-focused, engenders resilience and enables individuals to flourish.

Positive Education is taught as a subject from Preparatory to Year 10 and our Year 11 and 12 Pastoral Program also incorporates the tenets of positive psychology. Our Positive Education curriculum is designed to promote wellbeing as an integral component of the Loreto education, supporting and strengthening our existing academic framework and our approach to pastoral care.

The Positive Education curriculum at Loreto Toorak is based on the PERMA model for well-being developed by Professor Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania. At Loreto Toorak we have included a sixth domain, Positive Health.


Positive Education Domains

At Loreto Toorak, Positive Education incorporates the following six domains:
  • Positive Emotion: building and experiencing positive emotion 
  • Engagement: developing critical thinkers by promoting challenge, curiosity and creativity
  • Positive Relationships: nurturing positive relationships based on respect and promoting a flourishing community
  • Meaning: believing in and serving something greater than ourselves 
  • Accomplishment: generating hope and optimism through the accomplishment of personal and community goals
  • Positive Health: developing knowledge, understanding and skills to promote health and wellbeing
Read more about the six Positive Education Domains in detail in the following publication.