Individual Differences

Our Individual Difference programs help to nurture and encourage our girls to be young women of self-worth.

The aim is to foster the unique gifts of both high achieving students, and those with learning challenges. Students with learning needs are taught by specialist teachers and undertake sessions devoted to improving English and Mathematical skills.

During Preparatory-Year 6 the Individual Differences department aims to cater for students who are experiencing difficulties in literacy or numeracy, and those who require extension. The department assesses students to create programs and support specific needs. Teaching plans and strategies are regularly discussed with the relevant class teachers. When necessary, individual or small group programs are also implemented. Students may be withdrawn from class or taught within the class, depending on the program.

Philosophy classes at Years 7-9 are designed to extend and creatively engage students, with an emphasis on critical thinking and discussion.

Our various teaching methods will help your daughter discover, develop and embrace her talents. While our stimulating learning environment will provide her with the opportunity to develop her confidence and reach her full potential.