Young Engineers Program

Through the Young Engineers program, Loreto Toorak continues to offer further opportunities for students to participate in STEM related co-curricular programs that supplement our existing STEM curriculum.
The Young Engineers program allows students to explore and delve deeper into the worlds of engineering, mechanics and electronics, whilst incorporating their developing coding and design skills. Young Engineers uses Lego to teach engineering, coding and physics in a fun and engaging manner.

The program is open to all girls in Rathfarnham. Each level of the program has its own focus, and offers a sequential progression in robotics and in software engineering. It begins with Bricks Challenge – Mechanical and Basic Engineering, moves on to Robo Bricks – Robotics and Software Engineering and finally on to Advanced Robotics – Robotics and Software Engineering.
For more information regarding Young Engineers, or to secure a place in the program, please visit the website.