Extension Programs

Debating is offered to all students in Years 7-12, regardless of experience. Girls are placed in teams of five to seven, each with an assigned coach.

Competitions include:

• Years 5 & 6 Maths Olympiad and Maths Challenge coordinated through the Mathematics Trust
• Preparatory-Year 6 includes a variety of competitions for writing, poetry, Mathematics and Science
• Geography ‘Big Week Out’ - the Australian Geography Championships (Loreto Toorak Year 10 student 2014 winner)
• National Simpson Prize for History students in Years 9 and 10
• The State John Botton Prize for students in Years 10-12
• Loreto Toorak Writing Competition for students in Years 7-11
• National History Challenge for students in Years 7-11
• The Australian Maths Competition
• Victorian ‘Da Vinci Decathlon’ – a team of Year 7 students in an academic interschool gala day, run in the spirit of an Olympic decathlon with an emphasis on problem solving, creativity, code-breaking and strategy