Our vision at Loreto Toorak is to offer a Catholic education that liberates, empowers and motivates students to use their gifts with confidence and generosity. We aspire to be the leading girls’ school in Melbourne and one of the leading schools in Australia.

At our core is a commitment to education in the values of freedom, justice, sincerity, verity and felicity. Our mission is to nurture the growth of independent, compassionate and committed Christian women who will graduate with the confidence and self-worth to build a better world.

Our extensive academic program is key to the education of mind and heart that we cherish here at Loreto Toorak. This love of learning is fostered by expert teachers in every subject, who share their passion with their students.

Throughout the School, each student is challenged to strive to achieve her very best. Additional assistance is available for those in need, and for gifted students who enjoy enrichment, extension and acceleration. Our academic results and tertiary entrance records attest to our commitment to excellence.

The pastoral care of each student is a high priority. Careers education and counselling are integral to a holistic education, and the values which spring from religious education are at the core of the School’s curriculum. Students participate in community service programs and social justice initiatives which aim to develop their awareness of social issues in the broader community.

A rich and life-giving curricular program includes performing arts, visual arts, music, physical education and a variety of clubs and activities which offer students a wealth of experiences to complement their academic pursuits.