Heritage Centre

The Loreto Toorak Heritage Collection documents the tradition and history of the School and serves as its long-term memory. The collection encourages quality planning and decision-making by providing access to past experience, expertise and knowledge, as well as providing a historical perspective. 

The Heritage Collection is a large part of our unique identity. With its valuable links to the past, we’re able to achieve a rich understanding of our own heritage.

A cherished piece of our history, the collection is filled with memories from as far back as 1924, continuing to present day.


The Heritage Collection continually grows thanks to the donations of staff and students (both past and present), and the acquisition of the school’s day-to-day records. Photographs, blazers, hats, badges and copies of the school magazine are just some of the precious items that have been donated in recent years.

Please contact us if you are wishing to donate an item to the heritage collection or loan us material for copying.

Enquiries: Steve Stefanopoulos
Heritage Collection and Records Manager
+61 3 9823 8157